Our Services

On the right, there is a list of our services. Click on any, and you will jump to a more detailed description of what we can do for you. If you have any further questions, please contact us!


Consultation for all aspects of dentistry


Individually tailored care programs for children (individually tailored preventative measures) and adults (professional cleaning)
Preventative treatment for pregnant women
Sealing of fissures

Minimally Invasive Treatment

Digital X-Rays that reduces radiation exposure by 80%
Intraoral camera
Head-worn magnifying glasses in diagnostics and therapy


Cavity fillings
Inlays in gold, porcelain or composite

Cosmetic Care

Alternatives to Amalgam inlays: Porcelain or Composite
Cosmetic tooth alignment
Corrections of tooth color and position


Functionally and esthetically valuable prosthetics (crowns, bridges, and dentures)
Implant therapy with jaw surgery


Root canal treatment in conjunction with state-of-the-art therapy techniques

Periodontal Treatment

Diagnosis and therapy of gum diseases and periodontium
Minimal pain ultrasound therapy

Jaw joint disorders

Treatment of acute and chronic pain
Functional diagnostic, occlusal splint therapy (night guards)

Jaw surgery

Removal of molar teeth
Root end surgery


Our special services to children include filling therapies, surgical, and prophylactic services.
If requested, special fear-reducing therapy techniques can be provided prior to these services.


Hypnosis and relaxation techniques can be administered to provide fearless and painless treatment of all patients, including children.

Dental services adapted to the needs of elderly and disabled

House Visits

In-home treatment for the elderly


On demand, we remind you of your prophylactic appointments